Welcome to! aims to become a leading adventure photography resource centred around personal interviews with world class photographers.   Sharing their thoughts, opinions, philosophy, workflow, and photographic art allows us all to enjoy their talent while learning from top performing individuals in the field.

As a keen photographer, traveler, and would be adventurer I have been fascinated by photography from an early age.  Its ability to inspire action in the viewer by bringing the unknown into the known and shedding light on the more remote and fragile parts of the natural world has driven most of the major conservation efforts over the past century.  Equally as important is its ability to highlight divergent cultures and philosophies and help foster tolerance in an otherwise intolerant world. has a history dating back to 2001 and was originally used to display my personal photography portfolio.  The internet has changed somewhat since 2001, and if you are looking for my personal photographic portfolio, this can now be found at or one of the many social media links at the top of this page.  Its been a big year for me with publications of my work by both Lonely Planet and National Geographic Viajes.  My hope with the revamped is to give back to the photography community an inspirational resource with a little more depth than is provided by modern social media, having myself taken so much inspiration from other talented individuals over the past two decades.

If you enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed creating it, it will have served its purpose.

Wishing everyone the best of luck
Rob Downie

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